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7 Hamilton Co. teachers are awarded National Board Certification

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- Seven Hamilton County teachers, from a variety of disciplines, earned National Board Certification this year, pushing the number of National Board Certified teachers in the district to 22.

Jane Varnell, an 8th grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher at CSLA, Heather McIntyre who teaches fashion & marketing at Ooltewah High School,  Michael Perryman a music teacher at Harrison Elementary,  Karrah Singletary, resource-inclusion teacher at Snow Hill Elementary, Elizabeth Renneisen, English teacher at Tyner Academy, Kathy McCormack math and science teacher at Signal Mountain Middle/High School and Jamelie Kangles math Lead Teacher on Special Assignment, join the 15 other HCDE educators who have earned the national certification.

To become certified, candidates complete 10 assessments that are reviewed by trained teachers in their certificate areas. The assessments include four portfolio entries that feature teaching practices and six constructed response exercises that assess content knowledge.

Hamilton County partnered with the Hamilton County Education Association for a second year to promote National Board Certification to its teacher ranks. With funds from the NEA Foundation and the inclusion of Race to the Top, HCEA and the District are building a support system for NBC candidates including NBC trained Candidate Support Providers, professional development and on-line support. Financial assistance has also been made available with the help of the Chattanooga Area Schools Credit Union.

Certification typically costs $2500 to complete. The District offers a $4000 supplement to educators who achieve NBC credentials. Encouraging more teachers to become National Board Certified is a part of HCDE's Race to the Top Scope of Work.

"Becoming a National Board Certified educator is a tremendous accomplishment for these teachers. We are fortunate to have them teaching in Hamilton County," Dr. Scales said. "This was a partnership with Hamilton County Education Association. Together we are working to help our teachers excel which enables our students to achieve."

National Board Certification is awarded by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards and is the highest credential in the teaching profession. A teacher-driven, voluntary process, certification is achieved through a rigorous, performance-based assessment that typically takes one to three years to complete and measures what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do.

As part of the process, teachers build a portfolio that includes student work samples, assignments, videotapes and a thorough analysis of their classroom teaching. Additionally, teachers are assessed on their knowledge of the subjects they teach.  

Any HCDE educator interested in pursuing NBC is encouraged to contact Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ava Warren or HCEA President Sharon Vandagriff.

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