By Megan Boatwright

Channel 3 Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA, (WRCB) --  For the second time in less than a month, Chattanooga police have made another sweep to get gang members off the streets.

It seems like police Chief Bobby Dodd has had enough.  A member of the gang task force says expect these round up to keep happening.  Thirty-six people were arrested Thursday as a direct response to Tuesday's bus stop shooting.

Seventy-five officers hit the streets Thursday, to put gang members out of business. When it was over 11 known gang members were in jail.

"What you see you don't," says Michael Clark.  "You don't really see or hear nothing." 

Clark knows he lives in a rough neighborhood.  It's two streets over from Pawnee Trail the site of a November gang shooting. 

"He was a real good guy,"  wasn't doing nothing wrong just in the wrong place at the wrong time 03:33:49>

Clark says he was friends with Jermichael Williams.  The 22-year-old who was murdered that day.

"He was a real good guy," says Clark.  "He wasn't doing anything wrong, just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Clark and his family only bought their home 4-months ago, already they've learned to keep to themselves.

"Right now it just seems like we've had an influx of shootings," says Sergeant Todd Royval. 

Royval is part of a 10 member Gang Task Force.  His group planned the roundup one day after two other gang members opened fire near a school bus.

"Because of that shooting," Royval says.  "We decided we were gonna try to intervene." 

Police filed a total of 77 charges, ranging from drugs to illegal guns.  They won't say for sure the bus stop shooting was retalition for the Pawnee murder, but the possibility is one reason they acted so fast.

"We are gonna be constantly putting more officers together," Royval says.  "Hitting the streets hard.  We want to keep everybody safe for the holidays." 

These 75 officers were divided into teams which used directed patrols, knock and talks, and warrant service to make contact with violent gang members and wanted persons. 

Officers served 30 warrants and seized two guns. They also got some drugs off the Chattanooga streets including 535 grams of marijuana, 7.8 grams of crack cocaine, and 4.8 grams of powder cocaine. They also seized two cars.

Officer uncovered stolen property including two televisions, and XBOX 360, digital camera, and two laptops.

The roundup resulted in the seizure of $1,857 cash and three fake $50 bills.



  • Ami Piercy, 44, Suspended Drivers License warrant, Seatbelt Violation warrant
  • Demetris Ellison, 25, GANG MEMBER, Poss. of Crack Cocaine for resale, Poss. of Paraphernalia, Poss. of Marijuana, stolen items recovered
  • Anthony Broome, 45, poss. of cocaine for resale, poss. of paraphernalia
  • Charles McClendon, 35, poss. of marijuana
  • Jermaine Washington, 23, not pictured, poss. of marijuana
  • Christopher Davis, 18, GANG MEMBER, poss. of marijuana for resale, evading arrest
  • Ashley Scott, 18, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest
  • Harry Douglas, 31, child support warrants, poss. of marijuana
  • Britian Crutcher, 18, GANG MEMBER, unlawful poss. of a firearm, evading arrest
  • DeAngelo Lovingood, 20, GANG MEMBER, criminal trespassing
  • McArthur Brown, 67, poss. of cocaine for resale, poss. of drug paraphernalia
  • Shanerra Johnson, 27, poss. of crack cocaine for resale, poss. of marijuana for resale, poss. of drug paraphernalia
  • Belinda Hendrick, 52, aggravated assault warrant
  • DeJuane Norris, 36, domestic assault warrant, theft under $500 warrant
  • Gabriel Williams, 26, domestic assault warrant x2, child support warrant x4
  • Misty Williams, 23, disorderly conduct, domestic aggravated assault warrant
  • Allen Tucker, 36, GANG MEMBER, drugs warrant
  • Thomas Snow, 23, aggravated burglary, vandalism
  • Clarence Porter, 24, GANG MEMBER, failure to appear warrant x2, probation violation warrant, theft under $500 warrant, vandalism warrant, aggravated burglary warrant
  • Charles Kyle, Jr., 22, GANG MEMBER, criminal trespassing
  • Cleveland Bell, 37, Suspended drivers license
  • David Franklin, 21, criminal trespassing
  • Shawnterra Parmes, 25, seatbelt violation, driving on a revoked license
  • Brandon Shelton, 25, GANG MEMBER, suspended license
  • Eric McReynolds, 20, unlawful poss. of a firearm, bringing contraband into a jail, poss. of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence
  • Jimmy McCane, 27, GANG MEMBER poss. of marijuana for resale, criminal simulation (counterfeit $50 bills)
  • Latraise Craw, 33, GANG MEMBER, poss. of marijuana for resale, criminal simulation (counterfeit $50 bills), suspended license
  • Wesley Ellis, 31, GANG MEMBER, poss. of marijuana for resale, criminal simulation (counterfeit $50 bills)
  • Britney Moore, 20, simple assault warrant x2, evading arrest warrant, drinking under age warrant, child endangerment warrant
  • Wade Williams, 39, selling a controlled substance warrant x2
  • Brandy Ellis, 19, not pictured, probation violation warrant
  • Amanda Ellis, 27, probation violation warrant
  • Tim Turner, poss. of marijuana
  • Calvin Davenport, 33, poss. of marijuana for resale, poss. of drug paraphernalia
  • Mark Willis, not pictured, criminal impersonation
  • Kelcey Payton, not pictured, suspended license, theft under $500 (stolen tag)