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Dog's house burns owner home

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Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- Lyndsey Bowman looked at the charred remains of Max's dog house.

The young and active Collie chewed an electrical cord in the house, causing the bulb to fall on landscaping and that started this fire, Wednesday morning, which in turn sparked another blaze to his owner's home.

Bowman said, "It is amazing how quickly it could ignite and I didn't even smell anything inside and it was blazing."

What's more amazing is no one, including Max, was hurt.

Painters passing by the home help put out the fire before it spread to a much more severe situation.

Dallas Bay Assistant Fire Chief Larry Fugatt said, "It was right on the side of the house and it ignited the house right up to the roof line and if it would have got into the attic and set the house on fire."

What really burns the Chief, is he believes the bowman's fire, like several others this week, could have been prevented with a little common sense.

The department put out two kitchen fires this week because someone left the stove on.

Fugatt said, "You're not really paying attention and any time you are cooking you should not leave it unattended."

The chief says if the fire had spread to the Bowman's attic, it could have engulfed the home without anyone knowing, because the smoke would have been above the detectors.

Lyndsey said the four mystery heroes did more for the family than they could imagine.

Bowman said, "I'm just thankful for them and I can't image them taking time out of their day and they were so thoughtful. They risked their lives and I really appreciate it."

So does Max. He may be in the dog house for now, but for the family, his little mishap is a lesson learned

There's about $5,000 of damage to the home the family says Max will stay in the garage for now, which the chief recommends.

Bowman says she still cant track down the painters but would like to thank them in person, if anyone can find out who they are.

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