Paul Shahen
Eyewitness News Reporter

Walker County, GA (WRCB) -- It's the time of the year when you expect utility bills to rise. But one Walker County woman has seen her water bill unexpectedly hit the roof.

Money is tight, especially this time of the year. It's no different for Kathleen Bailey in Walker County. Problem is her water bill has almost tripled, and she says she's doing nothing out of the norm.

Kathleen Bailey said, "that much a month in a water bill, that hurts my budget."

Bailey watched her water bill jump from under 20 dollars to nearly 60 dollars in October, and 45 in November.

Bailey said the timing was horrible.

"It's frustrating it's aggravating, and I assumed maybe I did something more in the first month and paid the bill."

After the second straight high bill came, she suspected something was wrong. That's when she remembered the county and utility company mowed over her covered water meter around the time her water bills started to sky rocket.

Her initial thought was that a mower damaged something.

Bailey said, "it drags, it drags things with it, I think it knocked something loose down there."

She complained to the water company and says no one would respond. Then she took her problems to the county, they looked it over, and saw nothing. Still Bailey wasn't pleased she wanted it dug up, and inspected, because she can't afford these bills.

"It would helped me to know if something popped loose, I can't have someone come in here and dig the line all the way to my house, that would be too expensive," said Bailey

So Ch. 3 called the county... Within 30 minutes a crew was there thoroughly checking to see if  the problem was on the county's end. Turns out it wasn't.

Bailey said she'd be the first to apologize if her assumption was wrong, she's just thankful the guessing game is over.

Walker County Coordinator, David Ashburn said, "we're working with her to see where the leak is on her end"