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Good Samaritans save house from burning down

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By WRCB Staff

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Wednesday morning, at 9:15 a.m., a 9-1-1 was made reporting a house on fire at 328 Pitts Road, in the Falling Water area.

Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) responded and arrived on the scene reporting a dog house on fire and was adjacent to the house.

The homeowner, Lindsey Bowman, said she was in the house and did not know that the dog house was on fire. Luckily, two painters driving by, stopped and knocked on Mrs. Bowman's door to tell her the house was on fire. The two individuals immediately ran around the back side of the house and pulled the burning dog house away from the house.

The Bowman's explained they were using straw and a heating lamp to warm the dog house due to the freezing temperatures. Chief Marcus Fritts, Dallas Bay VFD believes the heating lamp ignited the straw and cause the dog house to go up in flames and start spreading to the house.

These two Good Samaritans that stopped to help a total stranger ended up saving the Bowman's house from burning to the ground! The Bowmans did not get the names of the two individuals who stopped to help but would like to say "Thank you!" from the bottom of their hearts!

Cold temperatures present difficult challenges for pet owners to keep their outdoor pets warm. But, there are ways to keep them warm by using fire safety techniques to avoid terrible consequences.

· If you can't bring your animals inside the home, keeping pets in the garage is warmer than placing outside.

· Placing straw/hay in their doghouses (WITHOUT A HEAT LAMP) will give them an additional heat source.

· Buying an special "OUTSIDE" Heating pad and place underneath the bedding, but if your animal is a "chewer", it is not recommended.

These are a few tips to use to keep your animals safe and warm.

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