LAFAYETTE, WALKER COUNTY (WRCB) - A Walker County woman's life has changed forever.

Linda Jackson came home, Tuesday afternoon, to find her husband dead and now her son is charged with his murder. It all happened on Lee School Rd., just outside Lafayette.

"Remarkably, she seems to be holding up extremely well... under the circumstances," says Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson.

Linda Jackson came home from work to find her husband's car in the drive, he should have been at work.

"His bag was on the counter, at that point she knew something was wrong," says Wilson.

62 year old Clarence Jackson had never left home. His lunch was on the table and that's when Linda Jackson headed to town. She was heading to the jail when she talked to her son Eric Jackson.

"What did he say to his mom? I'm not gonna talk about the exact conversation but it did lead her to find her husband," says Wilson.

Clarance Jackson was lying dead in his own back yard. The pink flags are tagging spots of blood. Investigators say a struggle or fight started in the house and ended outside.

"It's premature to say exactly cause of death but he suffered apparent trauma and it appears to be puncture type wounds," according to Wilson.

Jackson's only son is suspected of murdering his 62 year old dad. Neighbors who say they went next door when they saw the commotion, say Linda Jackson was in disbelief.

"She wasn't she just kept saying I don't believe it was Eric," says neighbor Casey Carlton.

"We do believe over the last few weeks there had been some tension in the home," says Wilson.

Investigators would only say that there were other factors they won't discuss at this point. As for Carlton,  he says he'd noticed a change in 30 year old Eric Jackson.

"We'd stopped hanging out and he'd started showing up again acting weird, like he wasn't himself no more," says Carlton.

Carlton and his family say the Jackson's are good people and they were baffled by what took place today.

Eric Jackson was arrested around six PM Tuesday.  He was parked on a remote road on Taylor's Ridge about 5 to 10 miles from his house. The person who reported him, said they had seen his photo on the news.