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Family scared after waking up during a break-in

By WRCB Staff

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A home decorated for Christmas became the scene of a gun fight, when a man woke up to a burglary.

William Plank was recovering from the flu Monday morning. His wife was at work, when he heard loud crashes in the living room.

Plank says he knew someone was in his home, so he grabbed his gun. Sure enough, an armed man was ransacking his living room.

Electronics were yanked out of there walls.

William Plank says that's when his army training kicked in, he did what he needed to, to keep the scene under control.

Shattered glass shows evidence of the gun battle between plank and the intruder.

"In the back of my mind .. Have people look at you like you're crazy cuz you got guns, or don't have 'em when you need em. And I'm not gonna go for the latter," says Plank.

The Plank's live on Oakwood Drive, near Washington Hills.

Their son stayed with his grandparents last night, the Plank's say every noise makes them jump.

William says he thinks he shot out the radiator of the Ford SUV, the getaway car.

He says the police did a great job when they came out to investigate. So far, no arrests.

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