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Red Bank Burglary Suspect Scores New Court Date

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By Amy Morrow

Eyewitness News Reporter/Anchor


Victims of the same burglary suspect say they'll be there for his first day in court.

Kevin Barnes was scheduled for court Monday, but a judge postponed it stating all the victims weren't present.

But two who were they say they wanted to see the man Red Bank Police say confessed to breaking into their homes and stealing belongings that added up to tens of thousands.

The victims agreed on one thing, knowing someone has been snooping in your home, is an unsettling feeling.

Jennie Berry says, " I thought I was over it, but now talking about it again makes all the felling's come back."

Jeff Lingerfelt says, "I'm proud of my home, and don't see myself as a material person,  but for someone to come into my house and do what he did, is disheartening."

Detectives say Barnes could be responsible for many more burglaries in the Tennessee Valley.  He'll be in court Monday, Dec. 13th.


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