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School pulls plug on nursing service

Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- 92-year-old Hazel Adams was a bit unnerved to find out the door to door nursing service from Southern Adventist University will no longer visit her home.

Adams said, "They would check my blood pressure and check my pulse and my back."

The school canceled that part of the program after nursing students were approached by a man with a gun last month.

It happened on the corner of Orchard Knob and Portland Street.

The nursing students told police a white van pulled behind them and a man jumped out with a gun and threatened to rob them.

The nursing school worked in part with the East Chattanooga Weed and Seed, a program aimed at helping out in low income communities.

The board chair said he was disappointed when he caught word of what happened.

James Moreland said, "Many of them are bedridden so this is a very valuable resource to them and to have one person destroy that is just terrible."

The dean of the nursing school says the board agreed to pull the door to door visits because the school is held liable if something happens to the students. Safety is a top priority and it was a risk Barbara James said she is not willing to take.

James said, "They do have adequate supervision and the environment is one in which we feel is safe. Because we know anything can happen anywhere."

And now that leaves Adams searching for another option. She says she's not opposed to driving to the doctor's office, but she says having that personal care at home, made things much easier.

Adams said, "I was blessed with it because it helped me out a lot. I didn't know when anything was wrong."

Moreland said he hopes to come to an agreement with the university on an alternate plan. He suggest having the clients meet at one place.

The dean tell us she is thinking of moving the program to the Mary Walker Towers, because it's a controlled environment, and much safer.

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