Story by Megan Boatwright
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- A Chattanooga woman being evicted from her home, says it's a conspiracy.

We introduced you to Deborah Henry in July, when the Chattanooga Housing Authority initiated the eviction.

It came after Henry was charged with assaulting a CHA officer.

Since then, Henry has been arrested again, and lost an appeal to overturn her eviction.

Still she says she's being targeted.

Henry's latest arrest stemmed from an altercation with another East Lake Court resident.

A police report shows Henry poked an intoxicated woman with her fingernail.

Henry says it's all part of an ongoing conspiracy against her.

"I never did get a chance to really explain," says Deborah Henry.

Deborah Henry has accepted she has to move out of the East Lake Court Apartments she's lived in for more than 10 years.

"I was totally, totally devastated because I figured like the system has really failed me," says Henry.

Henry says that's how she felt when a circuit court judge denied her appeal to overturn her eviction.

Henry was given notice after she was arrested in May. 

She was charged with assault on police and resisting arrest when Public Safety Investigator Harriet White attempted to arrest her for an incident involving a neighbor.

Henry was charged with assault for the incident involving the neighbor.

"If they can frame me like this, they can do anything," says Henry.

Henry claims the case against her is fabricated. She says she was labeled a "trouble maker" for speaking out about the police-involved shooting that killed 15-year-old Alonzo O'Kelley, Jr. last year.

"So, it's more or less, they want me to keep my mouth shut," says Henry.

Henry admits she has a criminal past but says she's learned from it and has used her experience to work with youth.

She's known as "auntie" around her neighborhood and has lead soccer camp for kids and worked with the neighborhood association.

"I'm in the process of leaving, you know? But I just want to go with good standing," says Henry.

Henry's church is helping her find an apartment she can afford. Now she just wants to move out and put a bad year behind her.

"I can't do nothing but pray for them, cause I'm not going to continue to be the one that goes to jail. I want to live in peace," says Henry.

Henry must move out of East Lake by December 3rd.

In the past, CHA has refused to comment on Deborah Henry, calling it a private matter.

Calls put into CHA Sunday weren't returned.