by Nick Austin
Eyewitness News

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - All along Dayton Boulevard in Red Bank construction crews can be seen installing new sidewalks well north of downtown Chattanooga.  However, a rather surprising sight will be visible next year further south--a luxury apartment complex.  Work started on the project in July.  The apartment will sit on the hill on Dayton Boulevard just south of Signal Mountain Boulevard which places it in Chattanooga city limits.  However, it knocks right on Red Bank's back door.

"I think we're going to get a substantial amount of business," said Michael Williams, manager of Crust Pizza which lies just over the property line in Red Bank.  He looks forward to the new tenants and said that he has already received plenty of business from the construction workers.

Officials at Red Mountain Development said they wanted to build a luxury apartment because they "looked at the immediate needs for the downtown market and found that all of the urban apartments/lofts were full and tenants were paying healthy rents for a more dated product."  That convinced them of a sufficient demand for a nice new luxury apartment that would be convenient to downtown but also close to the North Shore.  After talking to Red Bank city officials, they also took into consideration the potential for the apartments to enhance the look of Red Bank in the immediate vicinity of the building.

Kyle Burriss works at the nearby Ace Hardware store and thinks the new addition may help the town's look just a bit, but he's worried about more potential rush hour traffic.

"After people get off work from downtown, a lot of them commute back over across the bridge and [at] 6 o'clock, 5:30, it's a line backed up trying to turn onto Signal Mountain Boulevard," said Burriss.  He hopes city officials have a plan in place to alleviate the possibility of more congestion.

The new apartments will be named City Green At North Shore and will consist of 282 class A units.  According to Red Mountain, the first spaces should be available by April of 2011, followed by the remaining units in November of 2011.