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Crime Stoppers: Thief takes student's last $300

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By Amy Morrow
Eyewitness News Anchor

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A cosmetology student says a thief swiped her last 300 dollars, her car payment, and she's hoping you can help her get it back.

Car burglaries have become a problem that's sent heads spinning at the Chattanooga Police Department. Detectives are trying to track the thieves who are breaking into cars and stealing wallets and purses. With the help of surveillance, maybe you can help them get this guy.

"I know I was running late that morning and got to school at 8:45," says Wanda Oswalt.

Oswalt was rushed November 15th, that's why she thinks she might've done something to make it easier on the thief who targeted her car.

"Cause I have manual locks instead of power locks and I have to lock every door individually, one might of been unlocked," says Wanda Oswalt.

Oswalt was parked here at Regency Beauty, where she's a student, she says her wallet was in the glove box. A day passed before she realized what had happened.

"I had to buy something I was like where's my wallet... I turned my house upside down and my car upside down," says Wanda Oswalt.

All for nothing, Chattanooga Police believe this man had Oswalt's wallet. They say he used a credit card at Home Depot to buy a ladder. He attempted to use a debit card on a few occasions but it was declined. Oswalt says he stole her driver's license, social security card, military ID and 300 dollars cash.

"300 dollars was my car payment, yea, it's a lotta cash," says Wanda Oswalt.

Take a good look, police say this is the man who swiped Oswalt's cash. He was wearing the white hooded sweatshirt and work boots. He was driving a dark full sized pick up truck with a white sign on the door. Oswalt says this ordeal has been exhausting and starting over is tough. She's hoping you can help police track this guy down.

"I worked very hard for what I have but I'm lucky, I'm in school and have a car, both blessings but people think they can steal, that's sad," says Wanda Oswalt.

The complex where Regency Beauty is located on Gunbarrel Road, has no outside cameras so they don't have a better look at the suspect's truck.

If you recognize the man or think you might have seen something strange on November 15th. Call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333. You could get a cash reward, and the call is confidential.

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