CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - James Mikel had his first appearance in federal court after United States Marshals arrested him Tuesday night.

His indictment is sealed and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations won't discuss the details of the arrest. The only information a GBI spokesman would release is that Mikel is a suspect in a long term drug investigation.

Mikel is the bondsman who kicked in the wrong door of a Red Bank house a few weeks ago. Homeowner Lloyd Gray says he was relieved to hear the bounty hunter behind bars.

Gray said, "It is, it really is. That means he is not out here doing it to somebody else. I still haven't found anything that says he could do what he did. If that was in his head that he could do that, it is good he is behind bars."

Lloyd said since the ordeal, he and his wife have been working non-stop to get the house back.

His home was condemned for violations with the electrical wiring, a strong smell of ammonia, and more than a dozen cats in the home.

Lloyd says the outpouring of community support has helped him through the difficulty.

Gray said, "Everything is looking good. It will be another week or two before we can get back into our home but we are hopeful."

Lloyd said Mikel kicked in his door acting on a tip from an informant that a fugitive was at the residence.

Since that incident, the City of Red Bank has worked with the Grays to secure a grant that would help restore the home to code.

Red Bank City Manager Chris Dorsey says,"When we condemn a home we try to go the extra mile to see if we can help the families with temporary housing and things like that."

That grant to restore the home is for $15,000.

As for Mikel's arraignment, the court stated there was a conflict of interest with his lawyer so he will have to get a new one appointed if he doesn't hire one himself.

We will have more information, once federal documents are made available.