Story by Paul Shahen
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- If you avoided the mayhem at the stores Friday, you probably saved yourself a lot of stress.

We wanted to know how you got out of it.

It's a tough life. You would be surprised what some people would do to get out of shopping Friday morning.

One man even introduced himself to Channel 3 as "I'm really not here".

"The only reason I'd go out there is to watch people go crazy," says David Robinson.

Yes, he's talking about his wife who was fighting the masses for a good Black Friday deal.

David Robinson says he lucked out Friday morning, that's why he was at Buds Sports Bar.

"My wife knows I'm here, she said get out the house, do anything, I'm going shopping," says Robinson.

However, it wasn't that easy for everyone. Some relied on, let's call it, stretching the truth.

"We're supposed to be shopping," says Jim Childs.

When asked how he got out of it, he replied "we lied".

"My wife will totally understand, she knew when I lied to her that I'd be telling her the truth," says Childs.

Football made Jim Childs decision all too easy.

"Ball games started at 11 this morning, Louisville, then a bunch of others. You can shop anytime," says Childs.

Over at Hooters, much of the same, dad saved Dylan Land from shopping with his mom.

"You can shop tomorrow," says Land.

A few booths over, Bill Park used a game plan to meet his buddies, but he's not calling it lying.

"I wouldn't call it sneaking around, I just had to fib a little bit," says Park. "I'm a contractor, fibbing is okay, contractor fibbing is fine, you gotta fib."

There you have it, it's not lying if you're a contractor.

It appears if you weren't saving money Friday, you were spending money watching Alabama beat Auburn.