Storm Alert 3 Meteorologist

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Okay, shoppers: It looks like the forecast is really starting to gel for Black Friday.  Here is a breakdown of what we expect overnight Thursday into Friday morning.

11pm on Thanksgiving: Many of you will start to wait in your lines at this time. It will be around 51 degrees in the Chattanooga area. Showers start moving over the plateau.

1am on Friday: The temperature will drop a couple degrees to 49 degrees by this time. This is when you'll start to get a little wet. A line of heavy rain and some storms will develop and move through Chattanooga.

3am on Friday: Temperatures continue to fall a little to 47 but it's not too cold. As some of the earliest sales start, the heaviest rain will be east of the city. There will still be plenty of scattered showers around to keep things wet.

5am on Friday: Temperatures will stay around 47 degrees. The rain will be hit and miss at this time. Some of you may be seeing rain, others will be dry.

7am on Friday: It's 46 degrees and good news. The showers will begin to taper off and fewer people will be seeing rain.

9am on Friday: It is still around 46 degrees. The showers are becoming more isolated but a few will remain.  

After the rain moves out, cold air will move in BIG TIME!!  The high Friday will only reach about 50 degrees. That will be early in the day. Most of Friday will bring dropping temperatures that will fall into the upper 30s by 6pm.  The temperature will continue to drop into the mid 20s by Saturday morning.


Saturday: Sunny, Low 25, High 55

Sunday: Sunny, Low 28, High 58

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