By WRCB Staff

BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A home on Lyles Road was being used to produce meth for a second time.

The house was already under quarantine after being contaminated by toxic chemicals used in meth labs.

Bradley County Sheriff's deputies checked the location Tuesday morning and found that the house was being used again.

Upon arrival the deputies' initial contact was with 39-year-old Bobby Dean Hamilton and 37-year-old Nigal Lanore Clark outside the residence.

The deputies' attention was directed to a red bag that was lying under a vehicle that contained several ingredients commonly used in the production of meth in clandestine labs.

Inside the house they found Hamilton's 44-year-old brother, Paul David Hamilton.

A consent search was conducted of the house and property resulting in discovery of additional substances.

The property is one of 36 locations in Bradley County that have been quarantined by drug units after discovery of meth labs. Some of those sites have been cleaned to state standards and are now safe to use.

The three suspects were brought to the Bradley County jail and charged with initiating meth manufacture and violation of a property quarantine. They have bonds of $25,000 each.