Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

MURRAY COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- Bullying has been around for a long time.

Now another North Georgia family is taking a stand against the behavior in hopes of bringing about change in their local school district.

A Chatsworth family says their 9-year-old son was the victim of repeated bullying at his elementary school and now the family has filed a law suit against the Murray County school system.

The lawyer for the family says it got so bad the kid had to have surgery on his arm.

Both sides says bullying is a sensitive subject that comes after the school system is battling a separate bullying incident in federal court.

A spokesperson says Murray County is doing everything to protect its students.

The family of the victim disagrees.

Another round of court battles are underway for the Murray County school system.

This time a family is suing after they claim their third grade son was bullied several times at Woodlawn Elementary School.

The court documents filed November 2nd says the boy was bullied by classmates in May.

"Staff at the school knew about it and the evidence of that bullying and the appropriate action wasn't taken to fix it," says Attorney Samuel Sanders.

It goes on to say the third grader was held down while the boys kicked him repeatedly in the groin, which was the first incident.

The suit claims on another occasion, the boys twisted the victim's arm until it broke.

He later had surgery.

The suit says two teachers, Vickie Dean and Elizabeth Robinson, knew about the alleged bullying but did nothing about it. Robinson coincidentally, was named the school system's 2010 Teacher of the Year.

The school system issued this statement saying: "The incident was investigated by both the Murray County Sheriff's Office and school officials. The school system feels that the facts will indicate no negligence on the part of the school system or its employees."

Sanders says it boils down to a matter of school safety.

"We should know that the safety of them is the number one priority. So yes it is very concerning," says Sanders.

Sanders says many times children are afraid to come forward when bullied.

"From my experience, if someone is bullying you and tell on them, then you're a tattle tale. And that mentality has to change," says Sanders.

The Millers are suing for compensatory damages as well as medical bills.

No court date has been set at this time.