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Wounded North Georgia soldier returns home

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Story by Megan Boatwright
Eyewitness News Reporter

DADE COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- A North Georgia hero is alive and well and Saturday he returned home to his family.

First Lieutenant Bobby Woods is on the road to recovery.

His survival is nothing short of a miracle.

In August, while investigating a bombing, Woods took a bullet to the head.

He's spent time in hospitals in Maryland and Florida.

Now, he's finally home.

"All of us riders have to escort funerals," says Larry Hester. "We never get to escort a real living hero."

The fanfare began at the Tennessee welcome center in East Ridge. Over 50 riders eager to give Lt. Bobby Woods the welcome home he deserves.

"He's amazing, amazing young man," says Hester.

If the modest army ranger thought that was all the attention he'd get, he was seriously mistaken.

At the Trenton City Square, more flags, salutes, hugs and "welcome homes" from the people who prayed for his recovery all these months.

"I'm just glad to be here, so it's a good end to the journey so far," says Lt. Bobby Woods.

And what a journey it's been for Woods, since the day his unit was ambushed near Kandahar.

Woods remembers perfectly when the bullet hit him. The ranger didn't lose consciousness and didn't tell his men he was injured, until after they pushed the enemy back.

"There's no doubt, as fast as he's being rehabilitated, they expect him to come back to 100 percent," says Nadine Woods, Bobby's mother.

His battle wound is obvious. He's already undergone four surgeries, and will have a cranioplasty in January to reconstruct his forehead.

"He'll go to like college level speech rehab," says Nadine Woods.

Remarkably, despite the severity of his wound, the rest of his recovery will only focus on regaining in-depth problem solving and writing skills.

"I appreciate the concern from everyone. I just wish they would continue to pray for and think about the guys from my unit who are still over there until next summer at least," says Lt. Woods.

His community and family are overjoyed to have him home for Thanksgiving.

Spend a few minutes talking to the guy and it's clear, although this lieutenant is home in body, in spirit he's somewhere else.

"Keep praying for all the soldiers who are still deployed, and hope that they all make it back safe," says Lt. Woods.

Woods has said if the army will let him, he's more than willing to go back to Afghanistan.

For now though, he'll be finishing his recovery at treatment centers in either Nashville or Birmingham.

He says he's looking forward to reporting back to Fort Campbell, where he's stationed, after the holidays.

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