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Fan Cam (Week 13) Lovett at Dade County

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TRENTON, GA (WRCB)--Tonight's Fan Cam: Playoff Edition, made for an exciting night in Dade County as they battled Atlanta based school, Lovett.

We chose our fans of the week from the Dade County side only because Lovett is not in the Channel 3 viewing area...thankfully there were plenty of eager and deserving fans to choose from!

Water boy and Dade County Elementary School 5th grader, Harrison Burton, was chosen as our first Fan of the Week! He is a vital part of each Friday night's game. Harrison is always willing to help and is a crowd favorite! Way to go, Harrison! Thanks for all that you do to help the Wolverines to victory! Enjoy the Chick-fil-a prize bag!

Since this was the second Dade County game that Fan Cam has been to, we experienced the Wolverine mascots at the last game. They have two mascots that work the crowd and are non-stop energetic! They are at the games every week keeping everyone excited and on their feet. It takes a great deal of commitment to do what they do week after week, and year after year. One of the Wolverines has been the mascot for all four years of high school! The only problem we had with them was their ability to share the one Chik-fil-A goody bag!

Thanks to everyone in Dade County for making Fan Cam so welcome once again! Congratulations on a very successful season! Hope to see you all next Fall!


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