Here are the latest updates from Eyewitness News reporter Melydia Clewell who is in the courtroom.

11:21am Tonya Craft and Joal Henke say they and their spouses will together tell their children of their decision. Say they want only the kids best interest.

11:04am Settlement reached. Terms will not be disclosed.

10:32am Case still in recess. Witnesses seem restless.

9:42am Court in recess. Craft attorneys say they're working with Henke's attorney on more stipulated testimony. Trying to streamline proof for judge.

9:38am The 5 witnesses who will not take the stand, their testimony is similar to what the judge heard about Tonya Craft and her kids yesterday.

9:32am Covert has now covered the testimony of 5 witnesses who will not testify. Henke's attorney has stipulated to these summaries.

9:27am Covert telling Judge Williams about the testimony 2 witnesses would give if called. They're trying to cull the witness list to finish today.

9:27am Pastor Mark Chapman will not testify about Joal Henke's parenting because he say he has not observed it.

9:23am Court in session. Tonya Craft atty Clancy Covert going over stipulations of witnesses. 

9:09am Craft case running late, attorneys doing some behind the scenes work...


CHATTANOOGA, (WRCB)  Months after Tonya Craft was found not guilty of child molestation, custody of her children remains up in the air.

Craft lost custody of her children two years ago, when the accusations of child molestation first surfaced.

In May, a jury acquitted her.  For the past several months she's been fighting to regain custody.  The hearing was delayed several times over the summer.

But today that may change the question of custody may change.

A hearing in scheduled for today in Hamilton County.

We'll have the latest developments in the controversial case tonight on Eyewitness News at 6.