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FIRST ON 3: Bradley County recruiting company with 1,000 jobs

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Map overlay of the proposed Bradley County project. Map overlay of the proposed Bradley County project.

CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) – New documents uncovered by Eyewitness News show a permit request from Bradley County's Industrial Board for a project nearly identical to one in Hamilton County.

The Bradley County permit proposes a million square feet distribution center that would create a thousand new jobs just off Exit 33 of I-75, where it hits Lauderdale Memorial Highway

The client isn't named, but the construction consultants are the same-as those involved with Project Infinity at Enterprise South.

So it is possible to see two sites in neighboring counties that could total 3,000 new jobs.

According to a state permit application, Bradley County is trying to recruit a 1 million square foot regional distribution facility. The site is comprised of approximately 70 acres and would bring 1,000 projected jobs there.

Earlier this month, the Bradley County Planning Commission voted to rezone the property to allow industrial development. The Bradley County Commission is expected to rubber stamp the rezoning in December.

Two alternative sites exist in Bradley County if the first choice is denied by state.

First backup location: develop an industrial park next to the GE-Wacker industrial complexes

The second backup location was identified, but would not meet the company's needs so it is not viable

[Read the Bradley County plan]

The words "distribution center" and "possibly internet-based" open up an infinite number of guesses: Amazon? Netflix? Walmart?

What we do know from the Bradley permit applications is that the proposed facility would bring in $25 million per year for new employees.

Officials in Bradley County did not return Channel 3's calls on Thursday.               

Editor's Note: If you have details about the proposed projects in Hamilton or Bradley County email Your information will be confidential.


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