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Bounty Hunter Kicks in the Wrong Door in Red Bank

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By Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

RED BANK, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A man claiming to be a bounty hunter kicked in Lloyd Gray's door Tuesday looking for a fugitive. Gray said he felt like his rights were violated.

"He thought he was there and thought he heard voices in my house. We weren't home and there was no TV on, so he couldn't have heard voices," says Gray.

The bounty hunter told Gray an informant said the fugitive drove a purple jeep.

Gray said the man was uncooperative and acted off bad information.

"The bondsman would not tell me anything. He just said he was looking for a purple jeep. My jeep is maroon. It is not purple in and fashion," says Gray.

Though the bounty hunter didn't find his man, it was what police found inside the home that alerted them to call the building inspector.

The public works director, Wayne Hamill, says the conditions were unlivable.

"It was reported to me that there was a cat carcass laying there and there were about 10-12 other cats and a strong smell of ammonia," says Hamill.

Police also found exposed wiring, saying the home was an electrical hazard.

The inspector then condemned the house, forcing Lloyd and his wife to grab what they could and find a place to stay.

That place ended up being the parking lot of the Signal Mountain Walmart, in the jeep suspected of belonging to a fugitive.

Gray says it was a last resort.

"We couldn't get to the banks to get any cash or anything out so all I could do was grab some clothes and leave," says Gray.

Gray has hired an attorney to look into the matter and says he will stay in hotels until he can get back into his home.

The city of Red Bank and several volunteer groups have offered to help the grays fix their house.

We contacted the bond company in question, they would not confirm or deny their involvement in the matter.

We will continue to follow this story.

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