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Habitat for Humanity gives Chattanooga mother fresh start

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Paul Shahen
Eyewitness News Reporter

Chattanooga, TN (WRCB) - Life hasn't always been easy for Carla and her family, but she's done her part to keep everything glued together. Now thanks to Chattanooga and Habitat for Humanity, Carla Allen and her three children have stability they've never had before.

"Stability, you said the word. I'm just grateful for it. I will cherish it. It's my home," said Allen.

It's her home, something Carla has never been able to say. She and her three children have spent years bouncing from public housing to rentals, in shady neighborhoods.

But unlike those who use bad circumstances as excuses, she pushed on keeping her kids on the right path.

Allen said, "it was a lot of hard work, but I also explained to my children where I came from and what I've been through, it's not what I want them to be."

Carla has a motto; dream it, believe it, and achieve it. So far it's paid off. Her son Frederick graduated Brainerd High School as valedictorian and is currently studying at the University of Tennessee.

Her two younger daughters are on the same path. They say this house couldn't belong to a more caring mother.

"We have a great mother. She always pushed us to the top, to achieve our goals," said both Ty-Neisha (12), and Shaquille (15).

Habitat for Humanity says this is more than just a zero interest house in a good neighborhood. They say this fresh start is about paying it forward to generations still to come.

John Lamb the Director of Operations said, "it's about the family and the stability that flows into the children, and hopefully it will flow into their children."

Carla's new key is more than just a key, to her it holds the power to unlock a more successful future.

"It's an un describable feeling, un describable feeling, because it's my house, something I worked hard for, it's something I'm gonna take care of," said Allen

Her new home is the first of seven in Chattanooga to be built in the upcoming months. It's all part of the neighborhood stabilization program under Mayor Ron Littlefield.

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