Here are the latest updates from Eyewitness News reporter Melydia Clewell who is in the courtroom.

4:43pm: Joal Henke just left courthouse followed a few minutes later by Tonya Craft, one and a half hours after court adjourned.

2:56pm Judge Williams said there are witness issues that can't be resolved today, so Tonya Craft case will continue tomorrow.

2:55pm Judge Williams just adjourned for the day.

2:22pm Tonya Craft witness issues, testimony still delayed.

1:40pm There's an unknown delay. Craft case now expected to resume at 2:00.

11:52am Lunch recess until 1:15pm.

11:51am School nurse says she never noticed any hygiene problems with kids.

11:41am Breeden is nurse for Chickamauga School System.

11:39am Potter dismissed. Up next: Denita Breeden, Craft character witness.

11:28am Potter says other than right after ball games, kids didn't have bad hygiene in Craft's care.

11:26am Potter says Joal frequently attended son's ball practice, games in 06-08.

11:23am Potter also describes Craft's daughter as bubbly. Says Craft's parents are very loving, caring.

11:17am Potter says she met Tonya Craft in Spring 2006. Craft kept her kids after school that year.

11:13am Back in session. Paula Potter on the stand. She also testified at criminal trial.

10:57am Lee is dismissed. Court taking 10 minute break.

10:52am Cary King asking Lee if she saw Craft outside school. Yes. "She's just a kind person."

10:48am Lee says Joal was always invited to school events. He showed for a V-day party, stayed 5 min, came to eat lunch once.

10:47am Lee says Craft's daughter was always "bubbly, giggly, very happy."

10:45am Lee taught Craft's daughter in kindergarten. Says girl adored her mom, always drew her pictures, couldn't wait to see her.

10:41am  Lee taught school with Tonya Craft at Chickamauga Elementary for 2 years.

10:40am Pettway dismissed. Next witness for Craft: Teresa Lee. Character witness for Craft.

10:32am Pettway said Tonya Craft's kids seem reluctant to approach other parent depending on who they're with.

10:24am Pettway says Craft kids always well dressed, clean in Craft's care.

10:23am Pettway says Craft is always cordial to Joal in front of children.

10:22am Pettway says David Craft is very supportive & nurturing to Craft's children.

10:20am Pettway & Craft's sons play ball together now. At games she hasn't seen Joal interact with his daughter. Sarah is usually interacting with her.

10:14am Pettway says she's seen Craft's kids in months since acquittal, they seem "completely normal" with their mom.

10:04am Melissa Pettway now on the stand. Mom of Tonya Craft used to be her babysitter, life-long friends.

10:00am Walker says Craft's kids would often miss ball games on weekends when Joal had them.

9:58am Charles Dupree doing cross exam of Kim Walker.

9:53am Friend Kim Walker looking at photos of her kids with Craft's at Pump It Up.

9:51am Kim Walker says after Craft acquittal, "It was kinda like it used to be" between Craft & her kids."

9:49am Walker says she's seen changes in Craft's kids since the arrest. Daughter more reserved at start of visits, took a bit to open up.

9:46am Attorney Clancy Covert asking Walker how often she saw Craft interact with her kids pre-2008 arrest. A lot.

9:43am Kim Walker says Craft always encouraged her kids to interact with their dad.

9:40am t Kim Walker says the families became friends when their girls played softball together.

9:38am Craft's kids are same ages as Walker's kids, she's a nurse at Parkridge. Sarah Henke is a nurse there, too.

9:36am Kim Walker on the stand.

9:35am Court in session.

9:33am Attorneys now in courtroom, waiting on Judge Marie Williams.

9:08am Craft parties are in chambers, no idea when court will begin. 



By WRCB Staff

CHATTANOOGA, (WRCB)  Months after Tonya Craft was found not guilty of child molestation, custody of her children remains up in the air.

Craft lost custody of her children two years ago, when the accusations of child molestation first surfaced.

In May, a jury acquitted her.  For the past several months she's been fighting to regain custody.  The hearing was delayed several times over the summer.

But today that may change the question of custody may change.

A hearing in scheduled for today in Hamilton County.

We'll have the latest developments in the controversial case tonight on Eyewitness News at 6.