CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The next big idea could be born tonight in Chattanooga during a brainstorming session called "Will This Float?".

The event is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which celebrates the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the city. Innovators have been submitting their next big idea. Five finalists will be chosen and take stage for five minutes to tell start-up investors why they should get behind their concept.

Online submissions were accepted until November 10th. A panel of judges narrowed the field to the top five. After the crowd hears some critical feedback from a panel of judges, the crowd will help determine the winner to receive a $10,000 package of services form local companies to help them launch the idea.

The event begins Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at CampHouse on Chattanooga's Southside. Admission is $10.

The winning idea will meet the following FLOAT criteria:

Few or no direct competitors (novel idea)
Low adoption/switching costs for users
On-time (timely entry to market)
Addresses unfilled need or want/solves a real problem (useful)
Target market is identified and large

For more details on the event in Chattanooga, click here.