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"Pet" bulls forage, rage in neighbor's yard, garden

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Story by Gordon Boyd
Eyewitness News Reporter

BLEDSOE COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)-- James Keck is at wit's end over how his neighbor, Clarence Judkins' "pet" bulls, "Rodeo" and friend manage to break from their makeshift pen, stray from their home,' round the bend and roam onto his range.

"I sell produce," says Keck. "They ate up all my profit."

It began almost a year ago.  Keck has taken pictures, to prove that the foraging has, on occasion, become raging.

"They busted my door one night. They've about destroyed my well, " says Keck.

Once, he even hit it with a sledgehammer.

"It was out cold 3-4 minutes, but then it got right back up," says Keck.

Bledsoe County Chief Deputy Gary Johnson can't count the number of times Keck's called out his deputies to help round up the wayward bovines.  

He has the bruised cruiser to prove it.

"They charged it once," says Chief Johnson. "We try to round 'em up when we can, but we're not cowpokes."

"We do not shoot dogs, cats, bulls, cows, any animals. that's not our job," adds Johnson.

Johnson advised Keck to take his neighbor to court.

Bledsoe County's court clerk confirms Keck has won both a lump sum and monthly payments.  So far, Keck admits, Judkins has made good on it, but the courts won't review the matter until next May.

"Next time, I'm gonna shoot it," says Keck. "I'm over it. My neighbors feel the same way."

Johnson says Keck does have the right to protect himself, but he may have to prove that his life was in danger in order to avoid liability or lawsuit.

We've been unable to reach Judkins for comment.

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