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UPDATE: Cow roams streets of Ft. O

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FORT OGLETHORPE, CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) - An Eyewitness News viewer caught rare video of a sight you'd think to see in Texas, not Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

A longhorn on the loose snagged the attention of many Monday morning.

Don't let the scene mislead you, this longhorn is not on the lamb, but apparently on a mission.

Residents heard the sounds of a mama cow calling for her calf. The owner says the two were separated Sunday when he moved the herd.

"Apparently she jumped the fence looking for her calf," says Emerson Russell, owner.

Then the cow made her way through a few Fort Oglethorpe neighborhoods, trying to track the little one  down. The bodacious bovine as you might imagine did get a little attention along the way.

Not only did the police department hit the streets to stop her but some just passing by joined in the quest to get the cow cornered.

She has some moooves and gallops on down the road, at some point ending up on Elaine Circle to visit the Laster's.

"There was this big steer, was white with long horns just standing in our back yard... Looking at me right through these windows," says Mary Laster. "It was a beautiful animal...just as white as can be, never seen one up close really."

Laster didn't' mind, she says it was funny watching the round up. Though stopping this ol' gal at the time seemed utterly impossible.

It seems a fence rigged with a garage door, comes in handy and before you know it she's corralled. After all the excitement, a few hours of evading police and goring one man it only took a cattle trailer and a little grain.

"Yea, and then they laugh," says Laster.

She's loaded up and ready to head home. Back at the Laster's they're still talking about it.

"We've been here 51 years and we've had chickens, everything but never a big steer like that, never seen anything like it," says Laster.

Would you believe she didn't even cause any damage. At the Laster's, she managed to leave a little surprise behind. Laster says her husband will be in charge of clean up.

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