DALTON, WHITFIELD COUNTY (WRCB) – Police have made three arrests in what they say is a gang-related stabbing at Al Rollins Park in Dalton.

Officers arrested 17-year-old Orlando Ramirez and 18-year-old Francisco Juan and a juvenile on charges of aggravated assault and violating the Georgia Street Gang Act.

According to investigators, 17-year-old Antonio Mitchell and a juvenile friend where walking home through park around 11:00 p.m.  Mitchell told investigators they were approached by three Hispanic men, who attacked the juvenile and began stabbing him.  Mitchell tells investigators he was thrown to the when he attempted to help his friend.  As the three suspect fled, Mitchell says that was when he had been stabbed as well.

Investigators say the three suspects were tracked down through the license plate information Mitchell was able to provide to police.

Officers say that while the victims insist the attack was unprovoked, the suspects say the both groups were flashing gang signs at each other and that it escalated to violence.

Both victims were treated and released for a local hospital.

Officers say the incident is still being investigated.