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Child shot with BB gun returns home

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CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- Megan Neal was shot in the eye with a B.B. gun back in August.

She is back home after spending time in rehab at the Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta.

It offers intensive physical and occupational therapy for children with sever brain injuries.

Doctors say it would be more dangerous to remove the BB since it has done its damage.

So, it will stay in there unless it starts posing danger to her life.

While she's getting better, she has a long road ahead.

"Medically she's stable. She's had a traumatic brain injury, so she has to basically learn everything over again like she was a baby. She has to relearn every little aspect of life, walking, talking everything," says Renee Smith, Megan's mom.

Saturday the Orchard Church held an auction to help the family with medical bills and other needs.

Colleges, businesses and even celebrities donated items for the auction.

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