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Lassie, a beautiful female collie, lives on a small farm with her 11-year-old master Jeff Miller. Wherever Lassie is, trouble isn't far ahead. Follow her in her adventures of protecting and rescuing her masters.

Series Cast:

Jan Clayton-Ellen Miller
Tommy Rettig- Jeff Miller
George Cleveland- George "Gramps" Miller
Paul Maxey- Matt Brockway
Donald Keeler- Sylvester "Porky" Brockway
Cloris Leachman/June lockhart- Ruth Martin
Jon Provost- Timmy Martin
Hugh Reilly- Paul Martin
Arthur Space- "Doc" weaver
Andy Clyde- Cully Wilson
Robert Bray- Corey Stuart
Jed Allan- Scott Turner
Jack De Mave- Bob Erickson
Mark Miranda- Andy Lopez
Stuart Lee- Lane
Radames Pera- Willy
Larry Wilcox- Dale Mitchell
Joshua Albee- Mike Holden
Ron Hayes- Garth Holden
Pamelyn Ferdin- Lucy Baker
Larry Pennell- Keith Holden
Sue Lambert- Sherry boucher

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