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A balding New York City detective cop, Lt. Theo Kojak, is primarily best-known for his no-nonsense capacity of bringing criminals and sending them to justice, in a calmly and quietly matter. He also had the knack of licking lollipops and using his popular catch-phrase, "Who Loves Ya, Baby?" At work in the New York Precinct, prior to loading up several cases on the scene of the crime, he frequently supports and often had a close bond with each of his workers, Capt. Frank MacNeil, who was his primarily boss who was also promoted as Chief of Detectives, Det. Bobby Crocker (with whom he always admired, all the time) as Kojak's loyal partner, and Det. Stavros (A.K.A. "Demosthenes").

Series Cast:

Telly Savalas - Lt. Theo Kojak
Dan Frazer - Frank McNeil
Kevin Dobson - Det. Bobby Crocker
George Savalas - Det. Stavros
Mark Russell - Det. Saperstein
Vince Conti - Det. Rizzo

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