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Adam 12

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Classic police drama created and produced by Jack Webb, who already produced and starred in the highly successful "Dragnet." "Adam-12" followed the careers and lives of two Los Angeles police officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed. In the early years of the show, Malloy was the veteran, while Reed was an eager young rookie; each had something he could teach the other. Each show followed the pair as they went about their daily beat (with situations ranging from comical and trivial to robberies and criminal investigations); other episodes dealt with specific police issues (such as court cases, debriefings and training rookie cops). As the show's run continued, Reed progressed from a rookie to one of L.A.'s finest, eventually graduating to regular officer status. The show ran seven years and was among the most popular police dramas of all time.

Series Cast

Martin Milner - Officer Peter J. Malloy
Kent McCord - Officer James A. Reed
William Boyett - Sgt. MacDonald

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