CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -The season's change, and the recent tornado--are prompting calls for, and complaints about, roof repairs.

One Chattanooga landlord believes he'd have saved himself money, and grief; had he checked a contractor's background with the Better Business Bureau and law enforcement agencies.

Robert Gregory realized that one of his rental houses needed a new roof.

So Shannon Whaley couldn't have timed his telephone call more perfectly.

"He (Whaley) had very fair pricing, and was very knowledgeable about roofing matters," Gregory says.

 "He knew what I was talking about."

 Gregory felt so confident that he didn't bother to check into Whaley's background, nor did he get anything in writing, before giving him a check for $1598.59 to buy materials.

"He was supposed to start work this past weekend, but he told he the materials hadn't arrived," Gregory says.

Gregory's bank made him aware Whaley had cashed his check. 

"Come Tuesday, I started to get that sinking feeling that something was wrong," Gregory says.

"And it was."

Whaley's business address is a private home in Rossville, GA.   Managers of 'Junior's', a building supply company, confirm that Whaley placed an order for roofing materials last week--but hasn't paid for them. So Junior's hasn't delivered.

"He has an 'F' rating with us," says Jim Winsett, manager of the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia.

The BBB has logged three complaints against Whaley Roofing this year.

"All involve roofing and remodeling, and work that he either didn't finish or never started," Winsett says.

"He could make it right by coming in and addressing the specific complaints."

Whaley will need to do a lot more in Catoosa County, GA.

He faces a charge of 'theft by taking' after a customer claimed that she gave him $1900 for roof work back in June, that he has yet to deliver.

"All of that is a misunderstanding," Whaley told Channel 3 in a telephone interview Wednesday afternoon.

Whaley blames a former business partner, whom he declined to name.

"All those charges will be dropped by the time he gets to court," he says.

Whaley also has promised that Gregory will get either his new roof, or a refund of his down payment, whichever Gregory chooses.

"I just want my money," Gregory says.

"Because i think once you go 'round with somebody who tells you a couple of things that are false, you don't feel comfortable doing business with them again."