By Amy Morrow
Eyewitness News Anchor

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Crime Stoppers is looking for the man who terrorized some bank employees before business hours.

You can imagine how something like that can rattle the nerves. Employees didn't want to talk about that morning. Investigators say they need to stop this guy because this shows he's plotting and planning.

"I have no doubt he's at least, passed by a couple of times maybe, been a customer some safety issues at the location as well," says Chattanooga Police Department Investigator Mark Bender.

Bender says this guy spent some time, waiting and watching. Bender says the man armed with a pistol was likely waiting behind this dumpster of the Citizen's Savings and Loan on Austin Road.

"Some planing, scouting, he's probably not from the area," says Bender.

Two employees were opening the Savings and Loan. One entered through the front door. The suspect made his way through the back.

"Dude comes running from the back door cause he know she was trying to close the door," according to Bender.

There was a struggle and the thug pulled a gun.

"By that time the second employee runs back and she's faced with a gun too and he puts her down on the ground," says Bender.

Bender says the women kept their cool. The thief got about $150 in cash then locked them inside the bathroom.

"It's maybe the first time he stepped up to a bank, but he's done something that's made him more confident," according to Bender.

Which is why police want to snag this guy before he makes his next move.

They're looking for a black male in his thirties, just over six feet tall and slim. A neighbor might have seen the getaway the car. He described it as an older Chevy, faded red, maybe a Corsica-style car.

"It sped outta there at 90 miles an hour. We had a retired folk on the deck and one saw a red car go like it had a rocket on it, that time of day, no one's that much of a hurry to get to work," says Bender.

If you saw anything on Austin Road last Friday around 8 am or if you recognize the description of the getaway car. Call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333. You could get a cash reward and as always, it's a confidential call.