By WRCB Staff

ATHENS, MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- The Ford Mustang used as the getaway vehicle in Thursday's robbery in Athens was recovered, by McMinn County Sheriff's deputies, Thursday afternoon.

According to Athens Detective Heith Willis, Sheriff's deputies found the car on County Road 214. Willis said that the driver unsuccessfully attempted to burn the car, but the fired only caused damage to the interior, concentrated around the driver's seat and steering wheel.

The car was reported stolen in Monroe County not long before the robbery at the Rocky Top store on the west side of I-75 Exit 49 in Athens occurred.

"We are continuing to investigate," Willis said. "We will process the car, and follow up on some leads."

Willis said that the robber made off with only a couple hundred dollars.

The Mustang is currently being held at the McMinn County Sheriff's Department, where Athens Police Department hopes to be able to collect fingerprints to help identify the robber.