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Eye on Health: Safe Water For Haiti

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While health workers continue to fight a fierce battle in Haiti against the cholera outbreak. Thousands of miles away back in Chattanooga, a local program is stepping up effort to combat the disease.

Trying to get out a simple message about something most of us take for granted.

"Our community nutrition workers have been out I the communities teaching people that live in these communities the importance of clean water," says Kerry Kelly.

Kelly is the Executive Director of The Children's Nutrition Program of Haiti, which is based here in the scenic city.

"We have been distributing safe water systems into the community and this has increased since the cholera epidemic started," says Kelly.

Workers teach residents how to use a very simple and low tech method to make sure their water is safe and prevent the spread of cholera, which is a growing concern with 1.3 million people living in tent cities because of the earthquake.

"With these safe water purification system we provide a bucket and chlorine solution and turns bad water into drinkable water," says Kelly.

Kelly says the simple act of putting chlorine in the water, kills 99 percent of the germs and bacteria.

Kelly says their program has been in Haiti since 1998. And while this may seem like a very simple message, for people who live in a very poor and rural area, getting the items necessary to boil their water can be difficult, which is why the safe water system is so important.

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