DAYTON, RHEA COUNTY (WRCB) – Police say they have arrested a man accused of scamming several car dealerships, thanks to a Crime Stoppers tip.

Charles William Duncan was arrested at his home in Dayton on Wednesday.

According to police, on August 7th, Duncan told the salesman at Adventure Chevrolet that he was expecting a large cash settlement from an on-the-job injury and wanted to buy a new Silverado. Police say Duncan had paperwork to backup his story.

Investigators say Duncan then wrote a check for $36,151 and drove off in the new truck.  The dealership mailed Duncan the title to the truck before they realized the check was bad and the bank account had been closed.

Officers say Duncan pawned the title to the truck in Fort Oglethorpe, then went to Charlie Rogers Ford in Dayton, Tennessee and traded the Silverado for a new Ford Mustang.  According to investigators, Duncan had Charlie Rogers Ford pay off the title loan as part of the deal.

Investigators don't believe this was first time Duncan pulled this con. They say Duncan used this same scheme on Marshal Mize Ford and Capitol Toyota in Chattanooga.