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Missing 13-year-old found

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Chattanooga police say a missing teen has been found. It's new since five.

The girls mother called Channel 3 right before the newscast and let us know her daughter had been found.

She also said police have arrested the man she was with.

Detectives used Marianna McCauley's Facebook page and talked to her friends. They believed she was in the company of older adult males.

McCauley's mother and stepfather filed a petition that would allow the juvenile detention center to hold the 13-year-old if she is found.

Her mother says she plans to put her daughter in an adolescent treatment center.

A text message from Marianna's phone early Monday morning did bring her mother some relief. Marianna said she's okay and not to worry.

Marianna's mother now believes her daughter could have been enticed to runaway.

Police say they took this case so seriously because of her age and the people she's been hanging out with.

Again, her mother says Marianna was found.

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