HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - The attorney for the Hamilton County School System says Amen to the ban on led prayer at school activities. 
    The word comes from Scott Bennett who tells the school board that the system's role is to remain "strictly neutral" and to stay away from the appearance of endorsing a religion or religious activity.
  That translates to no school led prayers or invitations to pray over the loudspeaker at events like football games and graduation ceremonies.  Bennett says it's does violate constitutional issues of the First Amendment.  It was news that didn't sit well with some.

Board Member Rhonda Thurman says, "Heaven forbid children should pray, you're liable to corrupt their little minds."

Joe Galloway says, "I believe they'll still pray I believe I don't' know how they'll organize it there's still a lot of questions left about that."
   Bennett also that schools are not a religion free zone.  It's treated like any other viewpoint or secular idea.
    Bennett says Students can organize their own prayer gatherings if it's in a public place, like the parking lot.  If principals did open up a spot say on the football field, they would have to make it available for any group to make a stand.