CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Problem-solving is a skill Jim Rogers perfected in his years at Combustion Engineering.

He's long retired from their nuclear division, but not from problem solving.

And his solutions have impacted thousands of lives.

Retirement is a word Jim Rogers simply never learned.

Each day this 82-year-old Good Samaritan loads up his SUV with food to give to local charities throughout Chattanooga and North Georgia. 

Most of the food would likely be thrown away if it wasn't for Jim. And that's something he just couldn't sit back and watch.  So he went straight to corporate headquarters of Food Lion Groceries and made his pitch: Give the food to him, he'd take care of the rest. And take care he did. For the last 11 years, he's been up and at ‘em five days a week, making as many as four stops a day.

"It just gives me happiness," Jim says.

And that happiness is shared with so many others.

At Christ's Chapel in Ringgold, Jim is as welcomed as the morning sun, as he brings box after box of much needed food to an area hit especially hard these last couple of years.

"That area there usually full of boxed and canned goods and they're way down on supply of that stuff now," Jim explains.

It's a deficit that bothers him, and he makes no apologies for encouraging other people to donate where they can, saying the reward is in the giving. "People come up to me and thank me for bringing the food down to them. Not the people giving out the food, but the ones getting the food. Makes you feel pretty good."

Not many people like to think about working a 40 hour week at 82-years-old. But for Jim Rogers the only regret is that he can't do more. The accolades and pats on the back are nice, he says, but the way he sees it, the gift has been given to him.

"I don't do it for the recognition. I do it for the satisfaction in my own heart of doing what I can do... it's, it's me. It's me on the inside," Jim says.

"I'm not a rich man but I'm a happy man," he adds.

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