By Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

VAN BUREN COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- The parents of a toddler seriously injured by a falling rock at Fall Creek Falls, are still asking for prayers.

Caleb and his family were visiting Fall Creek Falls last weekend, when a basketball sized boulder hit Caleb in the head.

He was rushed to T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital where he's been recovering ever since. Doctors are still assessing the extent of his injuries.

Meanwhile, investigators say they don't believe that rock fell on its own.

The Van Buren County Investigators are looking for at least 3 teenagers witnesses say were throwing rocks over the edge of the falls.

"You had a child that fell? He has fallen and he looks to be unconscious for a good bit. About 10 minutes," a witness tells a 911 dispatcher.

This is one of several 911 calls that spilled into the Bledsoe County Sheriff's Office after 2 year old Caleb Brown was hit in the head with a rock last Saturday at Fall Creek Falls.

One of the first to call was a young boy who witnessed the tragedy unfold.

"He is about 2 or 3 years old and he fell because of a rock. The rock fell on him. He is hurt," says another caller to 911.

The Van Buren County Sheriff, Grayson Beasley, says this has turned to a criminal investigation and teenagers may be responsible for throwing the rocks.

He looking through yearbooks to find three teens investigators have identified.

"We hope ..... find the teens, " says Sheriff Beasley.

Witness at the scene say watched as Caleb slipped in and out of consciousness after the rock hit him.

"This boy had a rock the size of a cinder block fall and hit him in the head. He is going in and out of conscious," a witness says in a 911 call.

The Bledsoe County 911 Director says they received so many calls partly due to poor cell phone service.

One caller says he tried to get through to dispatch several times.

"There is a baby with a head injury at the big falls up there at the state park and no ones cell can get reception up there," says 911 caller.

TheSsheriff says because the area gets over a million visitors a year, it's never a good idea to throw rocks on the trails.

"It is very dangerous and the isn't any place for throwing rocks in that area," says Sheriff Beasley.

Doctors say Caleb is recovering and as of Wednesday, the will not need a number of surgeries.

Tim Brown tells me Caleb will under undergo years of therapy.

Friends and family have posted updates on a Facebook page dedicated to him.