CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Tennesseans seem to have a clear idea of who they want to be the next governor of Tennessee, according to a new opinion poll.

The survey was commissioned by WRCB Eyewitness News of Tennessee voters.

According to the poll, Republican Bill Haslam led Democratic opponent Mike McWherter two to one (56.54% to 27.84% respectively), with only days until the November election.

The majority of the respondents (53.66%) are very supportive of their candidate, while only few (5.54%) say they're actually just voting against the other guy.

In addition to questions about the gubernatorial race, the survey also asked respondents questions about a few hot button issues.

More than six in ten said that if they were voting for President in November, they would vote for anyone else over Barack Obama.

But when asked about the effect of the TEA Party movement, 60.86% said it had little or no impact on how they planned to vote.

A large majority (79.44%) of Tennesseans said they felt there should be state laws to make it easier for local law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of a person.

And on the issue of wine sales in grocery stores, most (62.34%) say they should be able to pick a bottle of wine with their groceries.

The scientific poll to measure candidate support and influences on the upcoming Tennessee Gubernatorial Election was conducted for WSMV-TV and WRCB-TV on October 25-27, 2010.

The survey's findings, focusing on the race for Governor, are based on a random sample of 600 registered Tennessee voters. 

Live telephone interviews were conducted with voters across the entire state. The poll was designed and conducted by Crawford Johnson & Northcott, Inc., (CJ&N) a media research and consulting company based in Des Moines, Iowa. 

The sample was drawn to be reflective of Tennessee demographics in terms of gender and geographic distribution of interviews by county as determined by U.S. Census data.  The age distribution of respondents reflects that of registered voters in Tennessee. 

The margin of error is +/- 4%. 


Here's a look at the questions asked in the poll and the respondents answered:


  1. Are you registered to vote in the State of Tennessee?
    Yes  - 100%
    No – 0%

  2. To which age group do you belong?
    18-34  - 24.18%
    35-54  - 42.43%
    55 or Older  - 33.39%

  3. What is your gender?
    Male  - 49.67%
    Female  - 50.33%

  4. In which county do you live?
    List of Tennessee Counties

  5. In the race for Tennessee Governor, how likely are you to vote in the general election on November 2nd?
    Very likely  - 84.70%
    Somewhat likely  - 8.22%
    Not very likely  - 3.95%
    Do not intend to vote  - 3.13%

  6. If the election was held today, which candidate for Tennessee governor would you vote for?
    Democrat Mike McWherter  - 27.84%
    Republican Bill Haslam  - 56.54%
    Someone else – 1.36%
    Undecided – 14.26%

  7. What is your level of support for your candidate?
    Strongly supportive  - 53.66%
    Somewhat supportive  - 31.39%
    Lukewarm  - 9.50%
    Really voting AGAINST another candidate  - 5.54%

  8. Do you generally consider yourself to be a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent?
    Republican  - 38.16%
    Democrat  - 26.64%
    Independent  - 31.25%
    Other  - 3.95%

  9. If Barack Obama were up for re-election as President right now, would you vote to re-elect him or would you be more likely to vote for an opponent?
    Obama  - 27.30%
    Opponent  - 63.32%
    Undecided / Don't know  - 9.38%

  10. Should Tennessee allow the sale of wine in grocery stores?
    Yes  - 62.34%
    No  - 27.14%
    Undecided / Don't know  - 9.38%

  11. How much has this year's Tea Party movement had an impact on your choice of candidates? Would you say:
    It is a heavy influence - the Tea Party has the right idea.  – 11.84%
    Some impact - The Tea Party has some ideas worth listening to.  – 27.30%
    Little Impact - I don't pay much attention to it.   – 25.00%
    No impact - The Tea Party has no ideas worth listening to.  35.86%

  12. Should Tennessee pass a state law that would make it easier for local law enforcement to check a person's immigration status to see if they are a legal citizen?
    Yes  - 79.44%
    No  - 13.32%
    Undecided / Don't know  - 7.24%