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Four boys find meth in backpack

By WRCB Staff

ETOWAH, MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB)-- Four young men playing basketball Monday afternoon stumbled upon a backpack and, after looking inside, they knew something wasn't right.

The boys found the backpack in the tree line near their neighborhood on County Road 899. They looked inside and noticed several bottles and other odd materials. The boys immediately put the backpack down and went to alert an adult of their discovery.

"The kids did the right thing, they knew something wasn't right and left it alone and told somebody what they found," said Sheriff Joe Guy.

The boys had found components for a meth lab, which Guy said are very dangerous. "The kids were not injured," Guy said, adding "This is a good example of how easy it is to find a meth lab."

Sheriff's Deputy Chad Bogle, who is a certified meth officer, responded to the scene to secure the backpack. Inside, Bogle found several bottles containing a bilayer liquid, a large plastic bag of lye, iodine, coffee filters and other items used to produce meth.

Bogle contacted the Meth Task Force and Eagle Hazardous Materials team for cleanup.

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