HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Two areas on Big Ridge near the dam appear to be the hardest-hit in Hamilton County.

One is Lakeshore Apartments On The Hill, where damage affected some 50-units. It's where some folks lost everything they own.

Gayla Hickey says she will have to start over.  Hickey watched the storm roll in and when it ripped the roof off of her apartment building, it flooded her apartment below.  Hickey says she watched the storm roll in and thought it would force her sliding door to explode.  Hickey says there's no doubt in her mind she lived through a tornado.

Hickey says, "When I went into the laundry room and know I could see it, but I could hear it, it was loud and roaring I could hear things hitting and flying around."

Gene Brock lives there as well.  He says, "I pulled my louver back to see it and it scared the devil out of me."

Brock is talking about a car that came flying down the hill from the apartment building above. Brock says it somehow slammed into a brick wall and flew through the air, landing under a pickup truck, he saw it all from his screen glass door.

Brock adds, "It was messy, Hon, I've been in earthquake.  I lived in Las Vegas, but I've never seen anything like this."