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EF0 Tornado Damages Harrison Church

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Hamilton County, TN (WRCB) -- Power crews work to clear the mess scattered in an open field off Hwy 58 in the Harrison Bay area.

There was debris scattered after an EF0 tornado ripped through the area tearing roofing off Harrison First Baptist Church.

The storms also tore parts of the gathering hall off its foundation leaving the area littered with debris.

Samuel Creed with the church said, "It sounded like hail. That's what the wind sounded like."

Creed said the winds knocked out several windows and tore a column off the front steps.

The sign out front also felt the tornado's wrath.

A weather service spokes person says the EF0 produced winds of about 70 miles per hour.

Timothy Troutman with the National Weather Service said, "It has a path length of a tenth of a mile and width of about 40 yards."

Across the street, Kenneth McElhaney saw the entire scene.

The storm knocked the supply shed of his shop off its foundation.

McElhaney, "It sounded like a large amount of wind. And I closed my storm door and ran into the most secure part of my building not knowing what was happening."

Creed says thankfully no one was hurt during the storm.

And while the road to recovery won't be a quick fix worship will continue.

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