Story by Gordon Boyd
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- Chattooga County residents dealt with a lot of nuisance damage Monday. That is, damage that's more time consuming to deal with, rather than costly.  But the winds have exacted a price.

Nancy Wright has come home to Summerville to a double dose of "I told you so".

"He told me to get that tree down a month ago," says Wright.

Wind did it for her.

Cracking it not quite at the root, but right onto the roof.

"Over the past ten years I've taken every tree down that could possibly hit the house except that one," says Wright.

Fortunately it's only a flesh wound. 

"It's all outside. Everything inside looks good thank god for that," says Wright.

Brooklyn Bryant wishes her damage was as clear cut.

"I couldn't even go to sleep worried about my car, hoping there's nothing wrong with it," says Bryant.

Her neighbor's downed limbs have splintered her family's fence. How her car fares depends on how careful Georgia Power can clear the downed lines.

"I'm glad it didn't hit the house, instead of my car," says Bryant.

Nancy Wright's neighbor is even luckier.

The winds dropped a 100 foot pecan tree where it could do the least possible damage.

Both Brooklyn and Nancy have insurance; lessons some Chattooga County residents learned the hard way after last Septembers floods.

All can be grateful that these storms spared people, if not their property.