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Everyone Deserves a Lifetime: Fighting breast cancer

Story by Ken Nicholson
Eyewitness News

WALKER COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- A group of North Georgia students are stomping out cancer one step at a time.

October is breast cancer awareness month and for these students it's about showing support for loved ones and strangers affected by the disease.

A sea of pink spilled from the doors of Cherokee Elementary Thursday as teachers and students dressed in the color from head to toe, standing together against a disease that hits home for many of them.

"As we talked to them, several of them said my grandmother has that, my mom. So it's just, words can't describe how thankful that we are for them," says Christy Wooten, teacher.

Christy Wooten teaches first grade at Cherokee Elementary and has been affected by breast cancer.

"Well my mom passed away in 1997 from breast cancer and myself and my youngest sister are walking this year," says Wooten.

Wooten isn't alone. Fellow educator Kari Brewer lost her aunt over the summer after an eight year battle.

She says this isn't the first year her and her students have decided to take action

"I had two students from last year who took it upon themselves to go out in their neighborhood and collect money and turned in their own allowance and they donated $58 to me, something they completely did on their own," says Kari Brewer.

And all done in an effort to find a cure and fulfill their motto, "Everyone Deserves a Lifetime".

"And we are so hopeful one day when we say we're gonna walk until no one has to walk anymore and there's a cure," says Brewer.

The money students collected will go towards a team walking in the Susan G. Komen "Walk for a Cure".

Its a three day walk that requires each participant to raise $2,300.

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