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Thursday: October 21, 2010


From self esteem to body image, these are issues most young people deal with. To try and help them,  while also dealing with a growing obesity epidemic, most  parents try and take a hard stance when it comes to nutrition and diet, but are they making the situation worse?

Nutrition Therapist Pamela Kelle was our guest.  She had the following tips for parents...

1. Be a good example by your own eating style
2. Don't use food as reward or punishment
3. Feed everyone the same (not more because one is smaller or less if one child is heavier)
4. Keep meal time as peaceful as possible (not a good time to discuss homework or chores)
5. Have a designated dessert night and that is it.
6. Involve the children in food preparation; (selection for menu for the night,some food prep, setting table)
7. Involve the family in grocery shopping, use it as a teachable moment about value costs of foods etc
8. Have the children measure out portions (another teachable moment about portions and math ;-)
9. Never force children to clean there plate if they are full
10. Don't run a restaurant; fix a meal and serve it; if they are picky have a standard alternative such as pb sandwich, milk and fruit


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