Van Buren County, TN (WRCB) -- Tiwanna Bricker, Will Maxwell, and Brian Campbell were there the day a rock fell hitting two-year-old Caleb Brown in the head.

The crew rushed to save his life moments after the incident.

Maxwell said, "There were numerous people around when we got there. People were flagging us down 100 yards away."

Doctor's are still waiting for the swelling in his brain to go down before they operate.

Caleb's parents are still in shock over the tragedy.

Tim Brown said, "It could be dangerous, they could operate and break a blood vessel and cause bleeding or they could not operate and the blood vessel could cause bleeding. We just don't know."

Maxwell was among the first on the scene Saturday. In the midst of the chaotic scene, he says his goal was to focus on young Caleb and not get distracted. Bricker says the situation gets more intense, when small children are involved.

"It changes the way we think. We learned that kids are not little adults, so it make us change our entire mind set," Bricker said.

The EMT's say the were thankful for the other medical personnel present.

Campbell says when a patient facing life or death, there is not time to play hero. 

His concern is making sure they make it out alive.

"You can't let emotions get to you out there. Put them aside. You can't be worried about emotions when that child is laying there needing your help," Campbell said.

The Van Buren County Sheriff's Office is investigating to see if someone threw the rock.

They say they don't want rule anything out.

The park ranger says it's rare that people are struck by a rock fall,

This is only the second time in years.