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Woman builds outhouse memorial honoring late husband

WRCB (Chattanooga) -- A Bradley County woman chose an unusual way to deal with her husband's death.

Beck Haney is building an outhouse for keeping her late husband's cremains. She says that's definitely a statement on how she feels about her 21 year marriage. And she thinks it's the perfect way to honor him, telling Eyewitness News that Randall Haney was a simple man, "who never asked for anything. Never. He was so unselfish."

With one notable exception. Years before his death, Randall did make one request. He saw an outhouse for sale on the side of the road. He told his wife he wanted it. She didn't exactly rush out to buy it and when she did check on it, the outhouse was gone.

"I would have liked to have had it before he passed," Beck Haney told us. "In a way, this is a regret. And it's sweet, too."

She realizes the rest of her husband's family might not agree but asserts she is not insane, just "peculiar."

The project cost nearly $500. Beck said she had to scrape together the money but it was worth every dime.

When we told her this was an outlandish choice, she agreed. "Yes, my husband was kind of outlandish. This fits with his personality. He was a very simple man. But he wanted this for a conversation piece."

Beck Haney realizes you may think she's looney. She doesn't care. She wants you to show love to your family while they're here. Have no regrets when your loved one dies, because as she said, "Grief is the price you pay for loving someone." 

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